Double Post Fence

The most important component of any fence is the post. Without a post, there's no fence. Standard cedar or even pressure treated posts will eventually rot at ground level. This is not the case with the Alcuf Double Post System. The Alcuf Double Post consists of a 2 part post that when fastened together enables rails to pass through the post.

The Alcuf Double Post is manufacted in the same way as other Alcuf products using aluminum which is 100% re-cycleable. More often than not fences with conventional wooden posts can last as little as 10 years after which much of the material ends up in land-fill. With the Double Post System, fence life expectancy is increased to decades as opposed to years.

With Alcuf Double Posts, we are able to build wood fences of almost any style, but without the worry of decaying posts.

Alcuf Double Post Flyer (pdf)