Screen Fence

Along with Alcuf Noise Barrier Systems, Equity Plus Home Improvement is an authorized dealer of Alcuf Fence Systems. As with all of the Alcuf line of products, installation guidelines are rigorously followed at all times to provide the end user with an attractive, competitively priced fence which outlasts other comparable fencing systems.

Manufactured of extruded aluminum and available in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit almost any application, the Alcuf Fence System is the first choice of many of Ottawa's most respected Architects, New Home Builders and Developers.

The near 100% aluminum frame is both relatively lightweight and structurally sound and can provide for a number of infill options.

We use only the best # 1 & 2 white pine available in the construction of Alcuf fences. Due to the intelligent design of the Alcuf Fence System, none of the infill material comes into direct contact with the ground, which considerably extends the life of the infill material and the fence from years to decades.

Alcuf Classic Style Screen Fence (pdf)
Alcuf Standard Style Screen Fence (pdf)