All of our fences, noise barriers and privacy screens, including the Alcuf product line are constructed of only the finest materials available. At Equity Plus, we believe Alcuf to be the #1 aluminum post and rail system on the market in terms of reliability, performance and ease of use. The Alcuf system has very strict specifications and installation guidelines which we adhere to without fail.

Alcuf produces high quality aluminum architectural products that have proven to be extraordinary in terms of design, performance, and value. Alcuf products deliver life cycles unattainable from its closest competitor in all markets. Available in a variety of colors and style options, the Alcuf system is the first choice for Architects, New Home Builders and Municipalities in the Ottawa area.

The Alcuf product line includes Noise Barriers, Fencing and Balcony/Railing Systems. Because of intelligent design, all products benefit from dramatically reduced labour requirements for installation, optimum on-site flexibility in terms of application suitability and adaptability to diverse site conditions, and fully adjustable frameworks for long-term survivability and performance.

As an authorized dealer of Alcuf products we are able to draw on the experience and expertise of a North American network of dealers and installers as well as Alcuf International Inc.

For more information on the Alcuf product line please visit Alcuf International Inc