Noise Barrier

Equity Plus is proud to offer the Alcuf Sound Barrier System. As an authorized dealer of Alcuf products, we must and do adhere to the strict installation guidelines of the manufacturer, including minimum footing depths of 6 feet and over depending on site conditions and steel re-bar re-enforcement of concrete footings.

The framework of the Alcuf Noise Barrier System is made almost entirely of aluminum, a modern material that can be engineered to be very strong, yet relatively light in weight. A high percentage of the aluminum content of an Alcuf System (approx 99% of the frame) is made of alloys 6005 and 6061. Providing not only a structurally sound framework, the system allows for a variety of infill materials that will not rot or decay as no wood or other infill material comes in contact with the ground.

The aluminum framework is an environmentally efficient material that can be produced from recycled materials to varying degrees. The aluminum ingot used in the manufacture of Alcuf extrusions are produced from 100% recycled aluminum.

In addition to Alcuf Products originating primarily from recycled aluminum, it is also 100% recyclable if ever the product is no longer needed.

The Alcuf Noise Barrier System is approved for use in most municipalities and meets or exceeds the Canadian Building Code and the Ontario Bridge Design Code (OHBDC) for wind loading.

Alcuf Noise Barrier Product Sheets (pdf)